Cowboy Fast Draw Association
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Located in the heart of the old Wild Wild West, the Dakota Territory Rangersis a growing sanctioned club of the CowboyFast Draw Association. Our club has weekly practice shoots for our membershipinMitchell & Huron as well as a monthly club shoots on selected Sunday afternoons in Mitchell or Huron. While we are all dedicated fast draw students of the game, we pride ourselves in the friendly social environment that we share when we get together. Each year we host "Town Folk Alleys" in which we invite the public to try their hand at Cowboy Fast Draw while our members coach them and ensure a safe event. Our "Town Folk Alleys" are considered premiere attractions at both the South Dakota Outdoor Expo, the South Dakota State Fair, as well as the Jesse James Days in Garrettson that we have participated in. Our membership ranges from the young (12) to the not so young (60++),and is enjoyed by the fair and not so fair sexes.So, if you are a serious shootist, or just an old western buff, we have everything you need to enjoy our great South Dakota heritage right here in our club.

From all of us, to all of you... Welcome to Dakota Territory Rangers!